I just got the Ezdrummer add on, Drumkit from Hell. I wanted to use it for something heavy, so here it is. (both links are the same song)





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My first reaction was 'what the hell is that on his lip?', then I realised that it was just a plectrum
Anyway, the fingerpicking intro is nice. Nice layers of harmony when the distortion guitars come in. Riff at 1:44 is a nice change, probably my favourite part of the song. I would nudge the drums slightly higher in the mix. Cool melodies. Pretty well structured, flows well, interesting all the way through. If I was to change anything, I guess you could maybe add a solo or something to take the song to a different place. Well, it's not really necessary, I just like to suggest things which could be different
Anyway, overall, it was very good, nice work!

Great song! I only like Metal in small doses but because I hear a bit of an Avenged Sevenfold feel to it, I really liked it. If you haven't, check out Periphery, you'll like them. You have a lovely intro and have tasteful leads throughout the song.
Cheers buddy! I subbed as well, look forward for more compositions.
The Maroon 5 covers were tasteful and well done. You deserve more views for it haha
Song is starting out quite nicely. I would have started the drums earlier. At 1:55 (and similar), the guitar playing is a bit sloppy. Most of the harmony guitars are good. Some of the distorted guitar playing (overall) is pretty good, other parts could be tighter. I like most of the guitar melodies. I like most of the drums. I like the electric bass. Please review my music at this link:

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I liked it, it was a good effort man. The riffs and general song-writing was pretty sick, i loved the riff at about the 2:00 mark. The lead sections kinda reminded me of some stoner metal like Baroness or something, good stuff.

The production needs some work though. Make use of compressors to give your track more volume and overall beefiness cause right now it sounds kinda quiet and weak. Your drums also need some work, the kick needs to be waayy punchier and the cymbals don't cut though the mix too well either.

Keep at it man! Good job
thanks for the reviews guys! every critique helps! sorry it took me so long to review your music, ill do it right now
Oh hey, I didn't see you there