Right im after a boost for my 6505+ head.

I need minimal noise, And high quality.

Aside from the Ibanez TS series, is there anything worth looking out for? Budget isn't a massive issue, but no Klon.
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If you are looking for a straight clean boost the bbe boosta grande is awesome.
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Zvex Super Hard On is a great clean boost!

or if you PM badgerific on here he can build you a clone of it.
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maxon od808 is great as a TS style boost
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Quote by cliff_em_all
Right im after a boost for my 6505+ head.

I need minimal noise, And high quality.

Aside from the Ibanez TS series, is there anything worth looking out for? Budget isn't a massive issue, but no Klon.

What do you want from your boost? Do you want it to be totally transparent? Add grit? Change the tonality?

For boosting without grit I like the xotic RC or the durham sex drive. If you want grit I like TS styles without a massive mid hump; the addrock ol' yeller is a favourite of mine.

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the best boost pedal i ever used was the Keeler Two Timer, it isn't made anymore but if you can get your hands on one you won't be sorry.

as far as ones that are still around you can't go wrong with anything by Keeley, haven't used the Java Boost but Keeley pedals are god's gift
assuming you want what most people want from using a boost with a high gain amp (i.e. tightening/cutting through more/making pinches jump out more/more sustain and better lead tone/more compression/basically all-round just making the thing more controllable and easier to play), i'd just get a ts clone. joyo does one for like £25-£30.

I'm not saying a clean boost wouldn't work at all, and if you don't like the mid hump, which admittedly can be too much depending on the tone you're after, those more transparent things lewis suggested would be worth a look, but for most people a bog standard ts-type (or better yet a clone considering the ridiculous prices the ibanez-branded and even maxon-branded stuff go for in the UK) will work fine.

no point in spending money for the sake of it.

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MXR 10-Band EQ

It's what I use, and it allows you to sculpt your boost to whatever you want. It can be just a volume boost, a volume and treble boost, a mid boost, a mid and gain boost, literally anything.
Eventually I'm picking up a Keeley Katana. It can be totally transparent and just do straight volume or it can be switched over to give you some extra grit.
From what I've read, the TS808 is the "ideal" boost, in the sense that you mean. Of course, a TS808 is balls expensive, so I would never recommend one.

You can get a TS7 and mod it to 808 specs though. A used TS7 can be had for as little as $25, and the mod shouldn't cost any more than $25, and that's buying the whole kit w/ shipping.
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