Hello new to song writing but long time fan if there happens to be any spelling mistakes my apologies I'm doing this on mobile

I wrote a song for you and burned it
I didn't think the world would see it
The ashes fell, the paper's tainted
The words I love you were still there

I've contemplated all that we've did
I wonder why we ever dated
I mean I loved you but let's face it
My ass needs carrying even now

You said you loved me, you will always
But now your heads down in the hallways
Good luck remembering all the bad days
All the mistakes that I've made

I must admit you're like an angel
Cause working with must have been Hell
Like a hermit with its new shell
I could not find a better home

I kiss and hugged til it was all dead
The thoughts of you always in my head
But listen closely to what I've said
Those words I love you are still there

Still needs some re-editing, any critisism is welcome
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