hey, i have a problem deciding between these two amps: mesaboogie nomad 45 and marshall jcm 2000 dsl50 or 100(combo or stack)
i can get the mesa for 500 or best offer. the marshall i havent really looked around for pricing but i know i love that amp,
im unsure about the mesa because i have a specific sound in mind i want to be able to play all of these bands :
zeppelin, hendrix, the stones, floyd, nirvana, GNR and ozzy(randy rhoads)
id be using it for small to medium sized gigs btw.

heres basically what i want:
nice clean channel
nice crunch distortion and high gain
thats basically it please help me make the decision cuz im lost
thanks alot
I can't really speak for either amp, but there is a difference in sound there. One is british voiced (Marshall) and the other american (Mesa) So they are both going to sound different.

That is just based off the brand name though, for all I know, the Nomad could be a small JCM copy or something. I'll just stop talking now

The mesa combo would be better for portability at least!
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