I have a very nice OTS 100 watt dumble clone with very little use that I have to let go.

It has a custom built Two Rock replica head cabinet as well as a Two Rock Signature 2 X 12" replica speaker cabinet. The speaker cab comes loaded with TR 65 and TR 65B speakers, each 100 watts (200 watts total) wired to 8 ohms. Both cabinets made from high quality baltic birth with thick back panels. All screws are fitted with T-nuts instead of straight into wood for longevity.

No dings or scuffs and it looks like new. There is a crack in the lower right conner of the front faceplate but it is not noticeable from a few feet away. Included is a brand new faceplate that I never got around to installing.

It has the original foot switch and power cord. The pilot light was upgraded to the high quality fender type. The capacitance of the filter section was increased to keep the lows firm evan at full volume with a hot guitar. It sounds fantastic and looks awesome. I always get comments on it whenever I take it out to a gig. Zero issues. I think there are a few extra fuses attached to the inside of the head cab incase one blows at a gig too.

The amp is fitted TAD tall bottle backplate tubes as well as NOS preamp 12AX7's.

Looking to get around $1,700 + only $85 shipping to 48 states. I will cover the rest of the shipping charges. I will ship it in two boxes very carefully and purchase the necessary padding to get it there safe.

e-mail: mattbeardsworth@yahoo.com








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