I'm starting my LP DC Building in a few days (waiting on materials and shop availability)! But I'm looking over the plans and the neck joint is confusing the living s*** outta me. If you've done a LPDC build before, how did you go about doing the whole neck assembly? Did you cut the pocket at the ~4 degree angle?
Did you cut the angle physically on the neck joint and then kept the pocket level?
Please help!
Thanks UG!
PS: Yes, I have done my own research, but things haven't been really clicking.
Hey man, I'm part-way through a Les Paul build at the moment. I cut the pocket at 4 degrees, and kept the neck straight. The heel has to be cut at a 4 degree angle as well, to sit flush with the body. My thread is here if you want some piccies.
Thank you sir! Very helpful! I dig the build so far!
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