I wrote this a while back.
In my mind I hear this being played by a complete orchestra.
So this isn't really complete, but the main idea is there.

I want to hear what people think of the notes/chords used.
I tried to have different voices and such although it is only written for 1guitar (for now).
Please crit!
From the first chord change I liked it, I particulary like bars 12 to 15, the A major Chord leads very well into the F# minor chord, I can imagine a nice cresendo with a low A Timpani roll underneath these bars/chords.
The idea of Ternary form ( A B A) is good, but possibly you could add a 'C' section and make the piece Rondo Form (A B A C A B A) this could include a modulation, to the dominant maybe, and could use other forces in an orchestra (e.g. Woodwind) the take the melody.

Your Rhythm pattern is relatively simple but is interesting in sound because of the passing/leading notes your using.

The piece to me is in sections the A section from the start to bar 11 sets a quite sad, lonely mood, section B from bars 12 to 19 the mood changes to hope, sort of like a light at the end of a tunnel.You've created a very nice contrast in sections.

Do you have a version on staves rather than tab, I just seem to read it easier and can see the harmonic relationship of notes easier on staves. Doesn't matter if you don't.

Hope this helps a bit

I enjoyed listening to it
Thanks alot for your comment!
I see you really took the time to listen to my piece and i really appreciate that!
I agree on the C section.
I'll try to find an interesting modulation for that bit.

In the attachment is a score in pdf format.
Please let me know if any notes are out of place or if you could give me more ideas.

thank you.
Thanks for that, it really is a nice piece, no notes out of place anywhere to my ear, sounds great

My only other suggestion would be if you were to write it for a full orchestra, I think the chord progression lends itself to a very nice violin melody, I can also imagine high flute/piccolo quavers floating on the top.

Once Again I enjoyed listening to it, it could be a great movement in a classical style work