Does anyone know when it comes to Europe? Have been waiting scince the first trailer! (Is it worth getting then? )
If you already play guitar, it probably won't help much. I heard it was mainly aimed towards beginners. I've not played it though, so keep waiting
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Its not worth getting. Lots of bugs and very limited scope.
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yeah i guess. im not really a beginner but im not very good either, so i guess it'll be perfect as some extra practise. im looking forward to the minigames in there too
According to Wikipedia, there's been a delay because when Ubisoft applied for the copyright for the name, a band of the same name came back and said they had the name copyrighted already. Sooo, I haven't heard besides that.

But, I'm sort of that beginner/intermediate guitarist. I'm not a n00b, but I hit the stage where a lot of techniques were opened up and it got overwhelming. That being said, I received Rocksmith for Christmas and it's helped me tremendously. Granted, the song choices really kind of suck, but they've released about 3 songs every month since the release of the game. If you're an intermediate, it will help fine tune your techniques and playing. They cover hammer-ons/pull-offs, slides, harmonics, scales, and games that help with fretwork (which, again, is great for me because I was strictly a rhythm player and had very little work with single notes on the fretboard).

For beginners up to maybe early intermediates, it'll be great. Anything past that and it's more of a 'for-fun' game than any -real- help. But still a fun game.
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