Is this a good price for this guitar?

I'm new to buying guitars so i'm not sure what to look for.
It hasn't sold in previous auctions

I play a lot of heavy stuff
tool, apc, dream theater etc

/about to buy it. i'm shitting a brick.

also dibs on the auction if it is a good deal
You could buy it IN STORE for that price. It's hardly a steal from what I can see.
Sure, if you've got an extra $400 lying around you should totally jump on it, but if you're buying a first guitar I wouldn't recommend you spend much more than 250.
Or if you're going to spend that much, do NOT do it on the internet, go to a store, any store...try them out or at least take a look at them for yourself.

Don't risk throwing away good cash when you don't have to
You're not getting "ripped off" with either of those, so don't worry about that.

My recommendation is to go to the music store and try some guitars. If you're actually playing the music of the bands you listed, you're no beginner. I'd imagine you'll know what you like when you play it.

Try several guitars on for size. Different scale lengths can make huge differences. And you just shared with us a stoptail and a one with a floyd trem -- massive difference!

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Well, have fun! ESP/Ltd is a great brand but and MH-50 for $400? Even with a Floyd, Hmm, don't think so

Go to the store and have fun man, see what catches your eye, I'm sure they'll be willing to help there...if you're going to spend $400 Schecters are worth a look at too

Good luck!
I dunno about the MH-50 but I had an M-100FM once. That thing was awesome, I still feel like a complete idiot for getting rid of it.