I have a vintage Ibanez Bass 5 strings (made in Japan Serial Number F 754654) equipped with two EMG active pickups lying around.

It is in quite good condition - just a few minor dents here and there from playing live.

I have turned completely to guitar in my band and as I want the instrument to be played and not just lying around I'm thinking about selling it. What do you think would be an acceptable price to ask for it?
What model is it?

There weren't a whole lot of Ibby 5 strings until the 90s... i don't know if the Soundgear series was out in '87... and i don't know if the RB series was still around in '87.... but, it's PROBABLY one of those two, as those are the only two models i can think of that had 5 strings in the 80's. The others in that time... Roadstars, Prolines and Bean basses... i don't THINK were available in 5 string. But, Ibanez did make weird one-off 'artist' models and stuff...

In any case... 1987 isn't vintage, it's been modded, and Ibanezes of that time aren't really highly sought after (other than 'Bean basses').

I'd say about $200 is generous. The market's weird though, and with a good talk game and the right buyer you could get up to $400. But, really, $200 is a reasonable guesstimate.
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