Okay, so I just got interested in building a guitar. I don't think I'd want to build one from scratch, as that seems like it would be way to difficult for me at the moment. I've had my eye on a Les Paul Custom, I figured why not try to build one? What tools would I need, what materials, are there any guides for me to do this online, or that I could buy at a decently cheap price, and how much would this cost me? Also, would there possibly be a good kit I could use, the ones I've seen look kind of iffy, I'm not sure what quality they would be, if there is one, could somebody point me to one I could buy? Thanks.
Read this
That's probably the most detailed Les Paul build I've ever seen. It should answer all your questions about what tools you need and how it's done. Don't expect it to be cheaper than buying a Les Paul Custom, by the way. If you don't own any tools, you're gonna need to make quite an investment.

I also recommend you read the stickied threads in this forum, they have a lot of useful guidance on getting started.
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