I received this guitar from my grandma on my last birthday she bought it for my grandpa many many years back but he died in 2007. She wasn't completely sure what the brand is but she thinks its fender. Inside the sound hole it says made in U.S.A really hard to see in picture (I checked inside the sound hole there is a serial number and a made in the U.S.A painted or whatever they use to label it, but no brand). It sounds great but I haven't ever heard a bad acoustic guitar I am pretty sure its acoustic I used to think it was classical but its not. I would gladly appreciate any information that would help I have contacted fender and my a local music shop but never brought it in.


that's a rough one. we're guessing harmony/silvertone/kay, but not a lot to go on. i haven't seen one of these before. interesting axe. i would have guessed late 60's / very early 70's.
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looks like an old harmony headstock. back then they were really into copying martins( then again... who wasnt?) the gibby style fret markers make me think its a harmony.
Hard to tell the maker, but the MIA stamp might suggest Kay (the largest maker in the US during the 40s-60s). Take a look at the tuners (brand or patent numbers). They may give some hint to the age.
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2318h7051 Is the only thing I could find on the guitar and that is the serial number. I cant see any harm in telling anyone this. Well I could call my grandma and ask, but last time she said it was fender maybe she could tell me where she bought it, too bad she lives 2 hours away if she bought it from somewhere local.