Hey guys,

I have a custom washburn with seymour duncans in it. Randmly when I flip the switch t the middle position it will get a bit of static, and if I goto the neck pickup it sometimes wont pickup any sound. I have to wiggle the switch back and forth a few times. I opened the back and all the cables seem to be connected fine. Any suggestions?
It is in fact as StonedColdCrazy had stated it likely was, if you were to replace the switch if there is enough room in your control cavity you could get a blocky 3way which redundantly switches (but in a different fashion). For example:
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Or bend the pieces of the existing with a flat head, I don't recall how I did it but an internet tutorial and a screwdriver should get you there. My switch works good as new.

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Yours presumably should look as shown
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