I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions/recommendations with these pickups. I've been interested in lace pickups for a while now, and I finally thing I'm gonna buy some.

I know the range of pickups is really broad with this brand, so here's the kinda sound I'm looking for:
-Nice, clear cleans...kind of a mellow tone
-Decent sounding overdrive (i don't use the tube overdrive pedal i have, so OD sound isn't really a big deal), maybe something bluesy, but not necessary.
-Really distorted distortion, just something that can really handle pushed distortion via big muff and possibly another fuzz pedal one day. But can also do sort of a "clean fuzz" sound too.

D; if anyone knows which lace combination would be best, that'd be great...I was already thinking doing a silver in the neck because that's what my mustang came with and it fits those criteria.

any reissue from a vintage strat would be your best bet . if you want to use a big muff .any thing else mite give you a every UN ! controllable feed back !
My only experience with Lace pickups is with their Alumitones. Very, VERY clean. I'd say they color my sound less than anything else I have, so the amp & pedals do all the work.
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