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basically it speaks for itself , i need to get Akerfeldt output , i know that some might flame about having my own sound , but i really been trying to do so and i didn't manage , but anyway , here it is .....

i live in egypt where the Amp Heads will be having that kind of a static that will be so disturbing , because of some kind of a flaw in the whole country circuit ( which was very frustrating ) , so buying the Laney GH100L is actually not an option =/ , i have PRS SE Akerfeldt Signature , and i will be getting the Seymours Full shreds soon .

now the million dollar Question , how can i manage to get to akerfeldt Tone - knowing that the GT6 which most of the people recommended is discontinued - without having the main factor of that tone , the Amp head ?!

thanks for passing by peeps , cheers !!
So let me see if I can get this right you want the tone of Akerfeldt, but you can not get that amp in Egypt?
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yes , the thing is that there is something wrong about the electricity connections here

Is it the amp runs at 110v and your country runs at like 210-220v?

Only thing I can think of, but the amp should have a switch for that.
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You can't. You can't get his tone without using his amp.

I mean... that's as basic as it gets. You can't work around that.
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from two minutes of googling:

220V / 50hz

plugs are different and don't have the earth, would need to get an adapter for the proper plug. unless there is something i am missing.
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Well, Akerfeldt does not use the GT-6 for his tone, only for his effects as far as I know. His main tone is from a Laney VH100R, not the GH.

But then, his tone differs from album to album, as Opeth worked with a whole lotta producers on their albums.

The first three are more like a JCM800 boosted with a Boss HM-2, Still Life being mainly a 5150 and ENGL Savage 120, just like In Flames and Nightrage from that era, with much less gain though. Then I think they had moved on to Recto's and the VH100R, but his main live tone is definitely a VH100R.

You can't really nail his tone without having that exact Laney amp head.
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you want Akerfeldt tone, you need a Laney VH100R simple as. there should be no reason why you cant get one in your country.

if for some reason there is no way of getting one look into a Blackstar S1-200, thats what Frederik uses live and im pretty sure in the studio too so it'll still get you that Opeth sound
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