Cramp feeling it hurts
Lava pouring through the intestines
Please I beg like a medeval peasant
I'm hungry but it hurts

Done with it
Subway sandwiches all over
All over the damn place
Locations random faces
Never see them again

Hear me please
Hiding an afraid of skyrim
I've been working
Obsessed an crazed
Since I hold bottled gas
A couple days

It has to be released
Nor insanity rest assure
New years eve an kisses
Gave me a list of names I have missed
Since that night of bowling
When I met her
insanity to hold back
Because I'm not thinking clearly
Dude, wut? Is this about having to take a shit? It reminds me of a time one of my friends went bowling and ate a bowling alley cheeseburger, then spent the rest of the night with his ass in the toilet and his face in the bathtub, pukeshitting to his girlfriend over the phone.

Anyway, I like it, they're not bad lyrics. I suppose I shouldn't talk a about weird lyrics, I just wrote a song about my theory on how using the same toothbrush after getting sick once this winter is perpetuating my now eternal cold. But I concealed it behind vague metaphor and mysticism, which you also sort of did, so it works.
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Haha I had horrible gas cramps one night when I woke up in my sleeper in my big rig. Bad experience