This is probably my favorite song from this really awesome soundtrack. The whole album is just astonishing. You have a great taste in music. However, the quality of your record was fantastic, guitar parts sound right to me or I just didn't hear any major mistakes and your singing, well, it was inpressive. You have really beautiful voice and moreover, you sing this with emotion. Just great and elegant. Keep it up man, you know what are you doing!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_nM1yqfibE
oh thanks! yeah its one of my favorite movies haha, i will check yours out right when i get home
Pretty good cover, one of the best i've heard of that amazing song. You should cover others like Hard Sun or guaranteed ;D
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thanks! i have covered gaurenteed before but i didnt like the sound of the mixing. i got a mandolin for xmas so i might cover Rise next