So, I don't see much about these pedals specifically on this board so I'm a little extra proud to be the new owner of a:

TC Electronic Flashback Delay!

This is of course from their TonePrint line of pedals. I ordered it before the weekend on ebay and it came in today. I haven't loaded any different tone prints onto it yet but I'll get to that later. Here's me opening the box:

Underneath the pedal within the box were a catalog, the manual, a cool TC electronic sticker and the USB cord for toneprint transferring. It also came with a battery stored inside the pedal (but not plugged into the battery cap.)

But on to the Review:

This thing has a lot of versatility afforded to it by not only the plethora of modes, but also the Toneprint feature and the tap tempo subdivision switch. The switch lets you choose between having your delay run at the rate of a standard quarter-note, a dotted 8th note, or a combination of both running at the same time. The third option leads to some very cool rhythmic sounding delays that would make it good for synthesizers and electronic music. That's me digressing though.

The different modes:
2290 - Basic digital delay. has a range up to 6-7 seconds, which every mode except Slapback has. Overall not much to talk about in a bad or good way. It's a digital delay. It does it pretty well. The long range is really fun to mess around with.

ANA - The analog delay simulator mode. It's a decent analog simulator. It does a pretty good job of reproducing BBD echo sounds. The one problem I have with it is that the delay time knob doesn't react the way an analog delay does. Also it doesn't seem to self-oscillate either.

TAPE - Tape echo sim. Very warbly. Full of mellow background noise. Come back later to say more. Using the third position on the subdivision switch with this mode gets a very cool 2-tape-heads sound.

LOFI - Basically a noisier version of the ANA mode. Another mode I didn't spend much time on. It's fun but I'll need a while to actually use it.

DYN - This delay is supposed to get quieter while you're playing and get louder when you're not, to say it simply. It's night and I was playing at low volumes so I didn't hear the difference much, but it definitely got a little louder between strings of notes. Seems like the most stage-ready mode on the pedal.

MOD - Wonderful, wonderful vibrato'd delay. Sounds great and very lush when at higher levels and delay times/feedback. Outside of the DYN mode, I see myself using this and the TAPE mode the most in actuality right now.

P.PONG - It's ping pong! I haven't run the pedal in stereo yet to hear the full effect of this one, so I won't really say anything about this yet. There's still a slight feeling of back-and-forth when running the pedal in mono, which is good.

SLAP - Slapback echo. range 20ms-500ms. Does slapbacky things. I can't really make up more stuff to say about this right now

RVS - Reverse, Esrever! Does fun psychadelic sounding reverse echos. Doesn't work as prominently on shorter delay times but I guess that is to be expected.

LOOP - Full 40 seconds of looping in mono. 20 seconds in Stereo. Very clean and pristine sounding. Delay and feedback knobs are disabled for this mode but you don't need them. A very simple looper to use even with the single switch. Tap to record. Tap to playback. Tap to overdub. Tap twice quickly to stop. It also has the benefit where if while recording an overdub, you go over the full loop length, it starts a new overdub, making it easy to layer without having to stop playing.

To finish up, I haven't recorded any clips yet, so I'm willing to take suggestions concerning what sounds people would like to hear from this pedal. My descriptions aren't the best overall. I love this pedal, though, and I shall now

Edit - A couple of clips/demos to show the effect the subdivision switch has on
ANA mode - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3905265/flashback-ANA.mp3
TAPE mode - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3905265/flashback-TAPE.mp3
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i think it would sound great and would appeal to a lot of people, but the tone print thing isn't my thing. i probably wouldn't ever hook it up to the computer. i will probably look for a nova delay when i go for a digital.

but i have heard really good tone from them and i hope you like yours.
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I love my Flashback! Congrats!
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