I'm looking for a small tube amp to record with. I can't have something too loud because I live in a college dorm. I'm looking for a modern rock/hard rock tone (bands like three days grace, breaking benjamin, shinedown, seether, chevelle) and I dont really use many effect pedals. I've been looking at the blackstar ht5r (cant spend more than $450 and I know its not all tube). Do you guys have any other recommendations?

Another question- I also have a peavey xxl combo. I like the sound I get live but I haven't been able to get a good recorded tone out of it (distortion sounds very harsh). I've experimented with using a shure sm57 in a number of different places. Has anyone had any luck with getting a good recorded tone out of this amp?
maybe for a dorm situation, something like a POD HD would be more suitable?
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maybe for a dorm situation, something like a POD HD would be more suitable?


That is what I'd do.

That or something like Pod Farm or ReValver.

But yeah, the XXL is a bit harsh. Another idea would be to get rid of the XXL and get something like the Vypyr 60 tube amp. You could gig with it, record with it and it has a headphone jack. It is not the greatest gigging amp or recording amp in the word but it is cheap and does a lot of things. I like mine far better than the XXL.
I was gonna suggest the exact same thing. I'm gonna pick up a POD HD Pro soon they are ridiculous for the price and great for recording although I wouldn't suggest the rackmount for a dorm room.
build/buy an isocab. or get something with headphones.
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depends on what you are recording for, if it's something for fun or just demoing out for whatever reason then yeah maybe something like the POD will work out great, you can also look into that program Amplitude...only thing is recording with those things sucks. if you've ever done recorded work with gear and then go try to do the same plugged into a little box it isn't the same experience at all. i'm sure thats splitting hairs for your situation and thats fine, i understand that everyone is different.

i've heard good things about the small blackstar amps, i don't personally do british tone but if you need small it'd be worth checking out. it's so hard to get thick distortion tone with small amp distortion settings, you might need to use a pedal, but keep looking at those blackstars, it could be right up your ally

have fun