is the 5th fret on the high e string (actual fret) very worn? if its not taller than the 6th fret there is your rattle. is the 6th taller than the 7th? if that is you have a fret that may have come up a little bit, or something else. beyond that i don't feel confident enough in my internet fretting diagnostics.
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Might want to check your neck tension, just to be sure. Most likely your fret may need to be leveled, which will have to be done by a luthier. Of course, you could try it yourself, but that's a project even I wouldn't do (and I love to do my own setups).
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I had that on the 10th fret. I just lenghted the string for abit (the intonation was also off) and it fixed the problem

I hope that helps