I generally enjoy Disney's "Treasures" releases, due to their wealth of insiders knowledge and vintage film and shows that appear in these special collector's packages. I do own - Disneyland USA, and watch it from time to time, fascinated by the many selections offered. I was so happy to learn that Disney was releasing a new set of videos, "Disneyland- Secrets, Stories and Magic".
This two-disc set offers a small variety of shorts, clips, and films that were used to promote Disneyland in it's earliest stages. The first disk contains a recent documentary on the creation and development of Disneyland, with many, many interviews by Disneyland insiders still living, which provides a fascinating look at how Walt built the park. This doc tends to concentrate on the early years, instead of a broader fifty year view of the park.

on this disk, however, can be found in the "People and Places" documentary filmed in a new technology at the time, "Cinemascope". Filmed in all four lands, this film shows Disneyland in it's true infancy, with stage coach rides, the trip to the moon, and a park without New Orleans Square. Despite it's occasional un-PC tone (you audibly groan as the narrator talks about Native Americans), it's a fascinating look inside the park early on. I watched it once, then immediately watched it with the insightful commentary track by Leonard Maltin and Tony Baxter. Wheeeee!

Disc two is a bit more disappointing. There is an unexplicable boring "Operation Disneyland" made for TV stations showing the technological nightmare of bringing the live opening day Disneyland broadcast to the public. I stopped it three minutes in for fear I'd fall asleep. Fortunately, "Disneyland through the Seasons" makes up for this faux pas. I loved watching it, despite the hint of sadness, realizing Walt had died just prior to its broadcast.

I gave this set, which in my opinion is sold VERY cheaply, four stars, only because I want more. As a true Disney fan, who loved Disneyland ever since he was six years old, it's hard to satisfy my hunger for Disney information. This is a great, great appetizer, though!
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