Hi Guys, I just wanted to know what you guys prefer.
I know its all PP but i want to know what YOU think.
I am currently looking at two guitars, A schecter v1 hellraiser which is a flying v with a floyd and emg 81-89 coil tap.
and a schecter atx blackjack FR which is a superstrat with a floyd and seymour blackouts.
I dont have alot of money so i have to save up, however, the flying v is second hand so its 800 dollars in good condition and the schecter blackjack is new and costs 1300 NZD. Should i go cheap and get the flying v or save up a bit more for the blackjack atx fr?
v's can be very uncomfortable to play sitting down but for a lot of people (matt tuck of BFMV) prefers the way they balance when playing standing up. i prefer my c1 hell raiser, its a super strat body type and i love it. if i were u i'd go with the blackjack.
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v's can be very uncomfortable to play sitting down but for a lot of people (matt tuck of BFMV) prefers the way they balance when playing standing up. i prefer my c1 hell raiser, its a super strat body type and i love it. if i were u i'd go with the blackjack.

A lot of V's are uncomfortable to play standing up, the bodies tend to be very light, so a lot of them have the balance/ nose diving issue.

Personally I have never been a fan of V's, but its all a preference thing. Try the V, if you are comfortable with it sitting/standing and you like the tone, get it!
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The choice is even more difficult because nor is the V1 Hellraiser a true Flying V, neither is the ATX Blackjack a true Strat. They're both heavy metal guitars (and even beyond heavy metal), with all the goods of such a guitar. V1 is surprisingly confortable whan standing, while the ATX is confortable and predictable all the time. I, personaly, find the Superstrat sound more balanced than Flying V's. But you must think of your image and your wallet too. Finally, if you feel THIS IS the one, no advice could change that.
And there's another thing. I myself own 5 guitars, so I'd rather think of the Flying V, which could be a good "salt and pepper" for the meal I already have. But, if I hadn't any guitar at all, I doubt I'd think of the V as my one and only axe. Once again, you know better than anyone if you need a Flying V rather than a Superstrat.
they're both going to sound alike anyway, so pick the one that feels best in your hands.
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I much prefer the superstrat body to a V body. As someone mentioned above, the V can have a weight imbalance which causes the neck of the guitar to dive toward the floor. Its also uncomfortable to play with a V sitting down, unless you're very used to playing in classical position (and even then it takes some getting used to).

Like others have urged, go to the store and test them out. Use a strap and play standing up, and then play sitting down. See which one feels more comfortable to you personally. Everyone has different tastes concerning guitars, so whatever feels better to you is what you should choose.
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I find V's very comfortable. my first guitar was a Stagg Flying V copy before i got the legitimate article in my sig. It got me comfortable with playing in a classical position and now it just feels weird if i don't play it that way.

Standing up is great too. My particular V is the most balanced guitar I've ever played. The headstock always stays where it is (a decent strap is helpful on any guitar) and the guitar is nice and light. A lot of the balancing problems are the location of the strap buttons on other V's.

Funnily enough, my copy had an Alder body and a maple neck, rather than all mahogany like a Flying V should. The neck was literally heavier than the body was.

If you're not familiar with V's, they will feel a bit weird, but you get comfortable with them quickly.
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In my opinion, Flying Vs (or King V, Randy Rhoads V, etc) are incredibly comfortable to play standing up. I prefer it over my HSS ibanez strat and over a les paul when only playing standing up.

They're super light and the nose dive thing never really gets in the way while you're actually playing, only if you completely let go of it. But even then if you find the right balance it'll work out.

As far as the sound goes, you'll have to try them out yourself. I personally prefer the Blackouts over the EMG's but if you want you could always replace the PUs on the Flying V.
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I've played both but I much prefer the v.
It was more comfortable to play standing up and the balance was good for me.
Didn't like the emg's but I didn't like the blackouts either but pups can always be switched.
The v felt better as well.
I m not a fan of EMGs with a FR(sound tinny) But Vees usually have a deeper tone because the wings are so long so that might cancel out and sound ok.
I have a KKV and it feels good I was afraid I could not play it sitting, but its fine and when standing you can hold the neck closer to you since there is no upper horn in the way.
So I recommend try playing both and see what fits you and what sounds better to you.
But for 500 less maybe the vee is the way to go???
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Thanks for the replies guys, I mainly play metal, hard rock if that helps, there is also a sterling by musicman jp50 model on for 650 NZD which is also another choice, should i even consider the jp50 as a option or decide between the Flying v and the blackjack strat? I heard that the V1 HELLRAISER doesnt feel very comfortable playing up in the highfrets due to the neck joint being fat or something, Its gonna be a while before i get to test these do can someone with experience with the v1 Hellraiser tell me a little about this neck joint