At college, I am doing a Music Technology level 3 extended diploma, one of the modules is live performance using music technology. I was planning on either using a loop pedal and playor break into my possible past existences as a DJ and use ableton live to create a live set, but now I have a (possibly) better idea combining the two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3TrjEuXuNw
In theory i will play the 'melody' on bass and use a computer or midi keyboard to
activate the drum loops or other sounds while playing.
How would i get a sound in some way similar to the 3 notes played from about 1:08 onwards ontop of the 'lead' line. I think they are on a b?
What effects might be useful/needed?
really, any input is welcome.

STEP 2... watch these and look at how much equipment is being used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuunY8BTqNs

Step 3... realize you need a ton of $$$

Step 4... make your decisions based on step 3

So, depending on how much you want to do this, there are a TON of options to get the 'Dubstep' sound on live bass... pretty much it comes down to envelope filters and controling the modulation (aka teh sick w0bbl3z)... after those 2 basic factors you can add more stuff: loop, delay, fuzz, octave, phase, chorus, tremolo, and looping.

So... ableton for drums is a good start. I don't know any off the top of my head, but there are also programs you can run that have 'dubstep bass effects' already, and you just need to control them with an expression pedal (foot, or hand).

A Loop pedal would be fun... if you're just doing 1 loop continuously, look at a Boss RC-2. If you want more, look at a Boss RC-20XL or a Digitech Jam Man.

You NEED an envelope filter/bass synth. The most commonly used for dubsteppy sounds is a Moog. But that's $300. A lil' bit less and just as good is an EHX Bass Microsynth. The budget (~$120) version is the Boss SYB-5. Regardless, make sure it can run with an expression pedal.

There are TONS of threads of bass effects used in live dubstep in another forum that likes to "talk Bass". You'd best start there.

Here's some more inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEdGA-FmENY&feature=related


Before anyone asks... that's a Source Audio envelope filter he uses, and that amazing ring is their 'Hot Hands' expression pedal. Both will run you ~$350ish.
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for the drums, i was going to sequence them in logic probably, bounce them down to .wav and assign them to a key within ableton.
money is somewhat.. lacking at this moment in time so i'm not sure what i'll do there. i suppose if it came down to it, i could have a silent track on logic pro, with all the automation and so on for the effects but that will just be a pain in the backside and would break step one
thanks very much for the links!
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Well, i know the bass and pedal side of things. But i'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to using software along with my bass playing.

Since it seems like it's along the lines of what you want to do: That dude in the videos, Nathan Navarro, is a rad guy. I'm SURE he's using some fancy software stuff. If you email him (via Youtube) about his setup/usage, he should respond to ya.
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."
The Hot Hands and Envelope Filter go for about £200 from Bass Direct - I'm thinking of picking one up as well.

The issue is that there is so much more going on than just envelope filters there. You'd an LFO, some kind of ring modulator, and you'd need them to be triggered by a pad or something, maybe a MIDI pickup.
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from friends i can pretty much get a big muff and a guitar wah pedal. though i think i could also get hold of a dirty rat and boss overdrive.
A big muff pushed hard is very synth like, I have one and a octave pedal and a Qtron, they make weird noise together. Digitech has a bass synth wah pedal that can be found for cheap, What tuning will you be using and bass? I think a B string might help, unless you are using the software for the big bass, and using the bass more as a counter to the bigger bass with a more melodic synth element? You might not sound as great, but maybe a cheap ass zoom pedal would work well, it has tones of presets and a memory you could create a "playlist" of effect sequences you want and put them in order and hit them as the presentation progresses.
i was planning on either using a standard 4 string or stringing a spare bass to BEAD. i was intending to play as much as i can on the bass. i even had the idea of slapping the big bass as well as the octaved parts. but yeah, i'll look into the zoom pedal seems like it might be the best option. thanks for the input
I use my moog LPF to make dubstep sounds and control the speed with a midi clock. Also an octave down before this along with some fuzz.

Ive been meaning to get a Source audio bef pro and hothand for a while but you would still need to run some kind of sub bass through it to get the best sounds.

Also in the video by Pinn panelle, nathan's also using a boss pitchshifter controlled by the exp out of the bef. And thats a standard bef not the pro.
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Ok, is an expression pedal just a variable resistor (pot) in pedal form like a wah attached to a modulation pedal to control a certain aspect?
Yea pretty much. On my moog i use one to control the resonance.
Yamaha TRB1006
Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
Epiphone les paul