Olympic fencer, stuntman, and fight choreographer. Was in the Darth Vader suit for the lightsaber fights in the original Star Wars movies. Also directed sword fights for Highlander, The Princess Bride, All three LOTRs, and the upcoming Hobbit movie.


The world has lost a badass.

Death to Ovation haters!
The loss of this fine man is indeed a stab to action choreography.
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Watch that video below

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Damn shame, all those films got some epic fighting scenes. RIP

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The loss of this fine man is indeed a stab to action choreography.

I see what you did there
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RIP I guess

You guess?
This man wrote the fight scenes for Star Wars and LOTR.
Massive R.I.P.
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On the bright side, the einherjar will be in peak fighting shape.
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So basically every epic sword fight in films for the last 50 odd years was choreographed by this guy?

Action films will never be the same.

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None of which will work.

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looks like he lived to a pretty old age. I must be a fan of his since i like every one of the above mentioned films, as in they are all in my top ten except for highlander. he certainly left his mark on this world!
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