Im thinking of getting a loop station of some kind to help get the hang of rythym guitar and staying in time. I dont really want to spend $200 if I dont have to. I used the ampkit app on my ipod it really cool but seems to be limited in rytyhym tracks. I just want to start out with a simple 4/4 rock beat. Any suggestions?
Get a Zoom G3 multifx for $200. 40 sec looper with visual progress indicator and synchronized drum machine. Many of the songs in my link below were done with the G3 and it's looper.
Use a metronome.

I use the one in the Guitar Toolkit app on my iPhone (free i think). There's also drum apps you can use too. I use the punk, indi and metal loops from these guys - free.


I also use this companys phrase trainer and drum app on the PC. You can use the phrase trainer to play along with songs, change the pitch to match your tuning and slow down and repeat sections for practice. The drum machine is great too - they have free versions. You can buy the Phrase Trainer and the Drum Machine bundled for $40.

I have a 20 second looper on my digitech pedal but I didnt think it would really be long enough. I'll have a listen to your links.
Yes, 20 sec isn't really enough to do much. The song "Slide Dreams" in my profile (not the link below) plays a rhythm on the RP1000 20 sec looper. Also "Drifter" in the link below uses the RP1000 20 sec looper. You can use your RP looper, but 20 sec isn't enough for a 12 bar blues rhythm at any reasonable speed tempo. Plus the drum machine on the G3 makes a big difference.
The way I got good at playing rhythm guitar was playing along with my iPod for several years. Now I am probably one of the better rhythm guitarists in my area, and now I'm working on getting better at lead.

No need to have a looper imo.