Me and a friend were having this discussion. What makes a good lead guitarist?
Ability to alternate pick? Knowing your scales, minor major and pentatonic etc. being able to improvise? Solo's?
This all started when I said, I think I have potential of being a lead guitarist. Single note riffs are my bread and butter, and I know my scales (mostly) And I said he'd be good rhythm guitarist, which he took as an insult apparently. He just does chords and strumming really, so its not too farfetchd of a statement.
Anyway, I want to start a discussion on this. Maybe we'll all learn something.
So, the prompt: is lead guitarist>rhythm guitarist? What does it really require to be a good lead/rhythm guitarist? is a balance of both rhythm guitarist skills, and lead guitarist skills a good thing? (meaning, you wouldnt excel in either one)
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