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It doesn't matter what genre you play or the level of difficulty, what matters is that you play it well. For example, people bag out solos like that from Smells Like Teen Spirit a lot because they're boring and not shreddy. Sure, it's more of a "melody" than a solo as such, but it fits the songs level of complexity (low), the technique and tone fits the backing music, and it isn't out of context or unwarranted; it fits perfectly within the song. The song would be lesser without it, and if it were a crazier solo then the song would suck.

That's my two cents about the importance of being a good "lead" or "rhythm" guitarist: technical ability does not equal a good solo. For example, I'm a massive Bumblefoot fanboy and love when he does his crazy what-the-hell-is-he-playing stuff, but the solo in Time (check it out, then compare it to another one of his songs, say Guitars Suck or something) just makes me cream every time because it's so beautiful and fits so well.

Players I consider to be the best, like Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Guthrie Govan, Shawn Lane, all know (knew for Lane) that just because you have the skills doesn't mean you have to flaunt them all the time. If the backing behind the solo warrants something slow and emotive, don't shred. In the same respect, if the backing is something akin to a Slayer-esque thrash riff, don't play something pretty or melancholy.

Personally I'd rather listen to a guitarist who chooses interesting notes and has a good level of creativity that allows them to be flexible with their phrasing than someone who can finger their fretboard like it's a slut they picked up at the bar.
Ok, back to frusciante
People are talking about how good he is as a songwriter and his solo work (which i love) but people are forgetting about his guitar skills. When he solo the guitar.screams and creams in every way possible and his rhythm always fits the song perfectly instead of awkwardly standing out. For example, the solo in "I could have lied" or the last solo in "don't forget me - live at slane castle" or his final jam with the chili peppers at there last show in Poland (that was a genius jam)! And with rhythm what comes to mind for me is "parallel universe", "under the bridge" or the awesome riffs from "blood sugar sex magic", "fortune faded" and "give it away".

For me, frusciante and slash are the two best examples of a good lead guitar player because of how well they simply contribute to the songs that they're playing in.
Also George Harrison is pretty sick.

I was ecstatic when I heard of frusciante's new album a few days ago I wish I lived in new york so I could see him live!
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Do you really think that constantly saying that shit gives you the excuse to be an idiot?
I can understand if living with aspergers or autism is hard (I'm mildly aspergic), but using it as an excuse to be fucking retarded speaks for itself.
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Knowing scales in most modes. Knowing most arpeggios all over the neck in most modes. Being able to string skip and sweep pick cleanly, fast and on demand. Down picking speed, economy, and alternate picking should be precise clean and fast.

It looks like this thread was invaded by RHCP fanboys.
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Being a "good" guitarist is one who has a balance between accompinant and solo (or lead) playing. They know a decent amount of theory, like why some chords sound good together, and how scales are formed, etc. They can come up with a proficent line over a progression that fits in the context of the backing track. A good guitarist should also have a somewhat recognizable playing ability, so when people here you playing, they will say "That's definitaly so-and-so".
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The goal shouldn't be to be a good guitarist. The goal should be to be a good musician. Guitar is just the vessel through which you "speak", as it were.
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Someone who can play guitar.

I'm a rhythm guitarist. Far more awesome than lead IMO


Lead is overrated.
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I was expecting someone to post the seeneyj gif.

Pit, I am proud.

OT: Only you can judge what makes a good guitarist. I consider it to be someone who has solid technique, knows when to lead a song or follow a song, and has the ability to add something interesting to whatever he's playing on guitar.
Being able to go "widdly-widdly-widdly" and "Bunka-bunka-chow-duyag" while making dat face.

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I judge someone by how they play live on an acoustic or on a clean channel. Cool power stances and facial expressions during solos are also essential to a good guitarist.
Good is subjective and too broad, I know more about what I dislike when it comes to guitarists. Some of them being:

-Plays for themselves instead of the song. (overplaying basically)
-Spends more time nerding out about gear on the internet than playing their holy grail guitar/rig.
-Goes to blues jams with said holy grail rig and is the most arrogant person in the room, yet the most timid and crappy player there.
-Doesn't really know how to bend notes well, has a bad ear.
-Poor sense of rhythm.
-Not versatile (forgivable depending on context).

and most importantly

-Doesn't play with swagger and balls.

The majority of my problems are with guys like this thread is ripping at: (this shits hilarious though)
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Diverse. When I hire a guitarist I want someone who can play any scale or chord I throw at them. Be able to shred like crazy, yet comp complex jazz progressions.
I also want someone who could read standard notation.
Also a good guitarist can be able to come to a rehearsal prepared, with parts already learned or be able to sight read them well.

Also be able to play in any style flawlessly.

This may sound like a demanding list but this is what it takes to be pro. If you can do all that you're set for life. You'll get hired for more gigs than you can shake a stick at.
I have no idea, Neil Young, Paul Gilbert, Dan Auerbach, I love all those guys, but they don't really all adhere to the same interpretation of "good" haha

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I really don't think you have to be a good guitarist to make good guitar music...

It's easier for me to say... good guitarists must be diverse, well versed in theory knowledge in correlation with the fretboard and have great technique, whereas good musicians with guitars can be all that or none of it, and still be considered good, if that makes any sense.

For example Neil Young and Jimmy Page played pretty terribly sometimes, but I would still consider them to be good guitarists.
Playing fast and with distortion.
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Playing really fast and with tons of distortion at very high volumes.

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you don't have to analyze or outline what makes a guitarist good. you must have a favorite guitarist, or a guitarist you really like? that guitarist is better to you than guitarists you don't like.

the problem with most of the criteria in this thread is that jimi hendrix is a bad guitarist by your definitions. you cannot lay out criteria for things like this easily. it is not a simple process. stop trying to analyze it like it's something quantifiable and respect its subjective nature.

now, if you want to compare which of two guitarists are better, that is a simpler exercise.
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What makes a great guitarist comes down to eclecticism. The ability to master all genres and all techniques. To grab an acoustic and flawlessly execute Slayer.

Someone who could play Slayer and then turned around and play Loretta Lynn or something. So different that it makes you question if its the same person.

That is what makes a guitar player great...
I would say that the most crucial skill is to be able to keep proper timing. Without timing, the whole band falls apart.

Quote by Iblis92
Me and a friend were having this discussion. What makes a good lead guitarist?
Ability to alternate pick?


Knowing your scales, minor major and pentatonic etc. being able to improvise? Solo's?
This all started when I said, I think I have potential of being a lead guitarist. Single note riffs are my bread and butter, and I know my scales (mostly) And I said he'd be good rhythm guitarist, which he took as an insult apparently. He just does chords and strumming really, so its not too farfetchd of a statement.

strumming and chords is the shit, one note riffs sounds like something a 5 year old could do. if you're talking about deathcore breakdown low G string zeros and ones your bread and butter is the epitome of musical mediocrity and you should just go live with the goats or something

and **** scales

Anyway, I want to start a discussion on this. Maybe we'll all learn something.
So, the prompt: is lead guitarist>rhythm guitarist? What does it really require to be a good lead/rhythm guitarist? is a balance of both rhythm guitarist skills, and lead guitarist skills a good thing? (meaning, you wouldnt excel in either one)

i think you should stop thinking in tired music marketing clichés and play some god damn music

let it be known that i read naught but the OP
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Quote by korinaflyingv
On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
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