I've pretty much decided I'm going to dress up in the 80's glam style for my school's fun run this year. Any tips on how I can create a good costume?

I'm thinking black spandex tights, maybe some leopard print undies over the top, a leopard print vest and/or a black tank top underneath with a simple heavy metal slogan.

I've got the quintessential big hair wig under wraps (to be honest, the wig looks much like Black Veil Brides' hair, but that appears glam metal from 80's photos I've seen) and presumably a leopard print bandana to accessorise.

I'm thinking perhaps some aviator sunglasses, anything in terms of jewellery or other accessories?

What sort of footwear would I need? I have hi-top and lo-top black converses, would they cut it?

Anything you'd change from what I'm thinking currently?

All help is muchly appreciated
Tbh none of the original 80s hair metal bands really looked quite as glam as steel panther do. Well except motley crue around Theatre of Pain.
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chains, arm bracelets some wear a bandana around your arm

just look for some vids on youtube
Definitely go for the Steel Panther look. Most comical and over the top :P

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