I've been finding it difficult to track my progress in guitar playing... the problem being that I don't know what and from where to practice stuff from. Are there any guitar learning books available that micro-manages step by step lessons which shed light on each guitar techniques?
I've also come across Steve Krenz online lessons... Are they good? What about Justin Sandercoe?
Please let me know. I know where I want to go but i don't know 'how' do I go there.
Justin Sandercore is a good place to start, but I wouldn't just stick to one source of knowledge. Mix it up a bit, read some books, watch video lessons, just switch around. I can't recommend any books, but as I said before, Justin Sanderocre is a good place to get started at. www.Justinguitar.com
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Guitar books - no. Trust me on that. Other than that, people who post video lessons can be useful, RedSGShredder and Justin are fantastic for basically anything But once you go through them - don't look for more. Make your own style