Well seeing as I've recorded 5 tracks now I wanted to try and get some opinions on my music in general. They're pretty rough demos and there's no vocals yet. I'm no guitar tech and still pretty useless when it comes to mixing, but I think you can get a decent idea of the tunes.

So have a listen if you don't mind and tell me watcha'll think! I'll be happy to c4c as well.


Pretty good!
For some reason I don't really dig the guitar tone though. . .
"I wanted water but I'll walk through the fire"
I actually really liked your tracks, they're pretty sick man I like the kinda old school production style, i especially liked the powerful punchy drums. The guitar tone sounds ok, could do with a little more treble but yeah i like your tone!
Cheers guys! But oh definitely I know my guitar tone's pretty poor. Not quite sure how to get a better tone yet.
wow "beyond the summit" is actually really decent. the intro really got me hooked, but i reckon you could do something more interesting than the straight power chords you have going on for a bit. overall awesome track and you mix things up nicely in the spirit of prog.

"A lack of speech" is ****ing awesome. sounds like a lot of effort went into writing those leads and its nice how you use ambient breaks in the middle and stuff. good work you should definitely get a band going soon.

guitar tone is pretty decent too

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28574818#post28574818
Cheers man. In Beyond The Summit those aren't actually normal power chords after the intro, but just because the mix is poor all the clarity in the chords are lost really :/ But I've been wanting to re-write everything after the intro then up to the pre-chorus(where the tremolo picking starts) for a while, but just never got round to it.
Can't wait until you have a band up and running, I find your works hugely influential I love how there's pretty much always a happy melody to be found in them