Hi there,

This is a live solo acoustic version of 'See', an original. I've only just started acoustic stuff and this is one of the first performances of it :/


Please tell me what you think. When I record it, I plan to use clean electric instead of an acoustic guitar - and also stick harmonies + solos in the bridge.

Cheers, and C4C as always!
I would love to hear this recorded, as opposed to live. But I think this is a good representation of how the song sounds. Your voice sounds a bit shaky. In some parts, I feel like it works better than others. I understand the adrenaline of a live performance could make your voice a bit shaky. I would LOVE to hear the recorded version of this, when you do have one, be sure to upload it! All in all, great job.

Check out mine?

the guitar parts are very entertaining and rythmic, its sounds very good. Sounds like your haven't been singing as long as you've been playing guitar. Keep practicing that of coarse.
I Think if you record it, Drums are a must. With a drum beat to match the guitar pieces it would sound ****ing sweet. nice work 8/10

Thanks very much for the feedback! I have been singing less than the amount of time I've been playing guitar... think I just need to get used to singing and playing at the same time, I get distracted! haha

I've commented back on all of your threads and videos, I'm impressed!