So, I've been away from the forum for a while, since I wasn't doing much progress with my last song (Oblivion), but then I was listening to my other Guitar Pro files and decided to show you guys one of my favorites xD

Well, this one isn't a serious song, one day I opened guitar pro and decided to use a 7-String guitar to see what would come out, and I must say, I am surprised

But anyway, I would like to hear opinions and thoughts on it, it's kinda long (not too long though, but it's the longest of my GP compositions)

Also, it is the second time I open GP and end up with an "epic" sounding piece that starts slow and ends really epic , I have another one if you guys wanna listen, but this one is better.

I hope you enjoy, and I will C4C of course
Chico's Strange 7 - String Riffage.gp4
Chico's Strange 7 - String Riffage.gp5
like you said, its not a serious song. That being the case, its pretty fun and enjoyable to listen to. It kind of reminds me of some early children of bodom stuff

The chord progression at 55-57 is really cool, and it would be good to use that throughout the song to sort of tie the riffs together (i guess so instead of having just a collection of riffs you have a song that flows naturally).

Its cool to see synth parts in a gp song, but to be honest some of them aren't really playable haha. Also remember that square lead isn't the only synth sound guitar pro has! I would experiment with the sound banks and see what sort of sounds you can use that compliment the other instruments in the riff. For example at 28 perhaps Bright Acoustic Piano would sound good following the low-end guitar chugging? and at measures 36 and 47 try using Synth Strings 1 or something. Just some ideas, but remember that the synths have lots of potential and for the most part their job is to support what the rest of the band is playing.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1511635 if u want to c4
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