hi, i want to buy an all tube amp and in my region just these choices are available:

soundcity 50 plus with cab for about 600$

marshall tsl 602 combo new for about 2000$

marshall dsl 401 combo 1500$

marshall jvm head and cabinet that i s a big rip off (more than 4500$)and i can't afford it so please don't consider it

maybe some randalls

i'm in iran and i don't have the ability to make another decision(importing overseas, buying from online shops...)
so how are the tsls?
i want the dream theater tone(clean ,crunch,lead)and some thrash rythm and lead sounds(megadeth exodos metallica)
i know petrucci uses mesa amps the sound american but i really don't have another choices,except buying a very good multi effect that i want to record and play live more professionaly than using a multi effect
so can you help me and say what to do?are the tsl combos bad?are they prodessional amps?can i record standard quality albums and play some standard gigs with it?
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Those are all great amps. The only way to know which one to get is to play them all and get the one that you like the best.
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get the sound city, I belive thats the 50watt Plexi one. Then get you a good mfx unit like the POD 300/400/500. you would have an amazing amount of tones available to you.
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As said, all of them are very good - however, the Marshalls, at least, are quite overpriced.

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