Hey, wrote this not too long ago, only got to record it yesterday but only half, so I rerecorded it today. Not sure what else to say, so c4c and all that. I'm a terrible singer, so whatever


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Your not as bad a singer as you seem to think you are, just put a little reverb, comp, eq etc on your voice and it'll sound much better. My main problem with the song is that the intensity of the song remains much the same throughout. Just keeping working on your playing and your singing and it will be really good, especially if you decide to ever record with other instrumentation as well.
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Nice sounding song, although the recording quality really lets it down. My main issue with it is that it sounds very much like a song that should be played with a full band, with electric guitars etc, so it's not all that natural sounding on acoustic. Still some nice ideas going on though, another section would add some really good contrast to the piece and break up the dynamic level a bit. Overall a really good song
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Yeah man, this song isn't so bad. I like the lyrics, maybe the song needs a key change earlier on though maybe as a bridge.
Your vocals aren't bad at all (and I most def like the lyrics), just a little weak sounding, I think you should re-record this but be sure to record your guitar and vocals seperately. You can definately sing better than you think, just sing with some more power added to the vocals.
I've added you on soundcloud and hope to hear some more of your uploads, but seriously re-record this song at a higher fidelity and re-do the vocals with some more power!
If you want some tips on recording or mixing don't hesitate to give me a shout and I could give you some pointers.

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Yeh man, the songs not bad. And your singing fits that style of music, just keep practising and you'll overcome any pitch errors in no time. I really liked the change of feel going into the chorus, it was effective because the rest of the song stayed at the same level. I can really hear this working well with a full band, get some buddies and doooo iiiiiit!!! haha

anyway nice song, keep writing
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Hey man, like everyones saying. I dont think youre a bad singer at all. Im a bad singer haha, and youre far better than i am. I really dig the whole feel the song has, maybe because i really enjoy this kinda genre of music. Anyways, Keep up the good work mate!

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