Hey guys, I have an Acoustic AS120S amp and I need some help. Where do I set my mid frequencies?! That's really my only question. As much information you could possibly offer would be fantastic, I love reading and learning so put as much as you want. I'm sure it's not too big of an answer I just want to better understand where to turn this nob and why, and for what different circumstances and tone. Thanks a lot if you reply, it would help out a lot.
Short Answer: use your ears and set it where it sounds good.
Long Answer: Mid frequencies are the frequencies that the human ear naturally hears the best (800Hz-2.5kHz), and can generally be described as "in your face" or "up front" sounding. They are also the frequencies that the guitar most inhabits. Where to place the knob entirely depends on the sound of the amp, the sound of your guitar, the sound of your fingers (every guitar player is a little different), and the sound you want to hear when you play. There is no correct answer except that if it sounds bad, don't put it there. Try with all the EQ knobs set at 12 o'clock. Listen to the sound and REMOVE bad frequencies (if it sounds too muddy turn down the lows, if it sounds too piercing turn down the highs). from there if you want to boost something give them knobs a few little tweaks.
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