[Summary at the bottom! ]
I always try here, but it never seems to help!
My band (myself on guitar, a bassist and a drummer) have been in need of a singer for a while now. After about a million unsuccessful ads on joinmyband, as well as a few people who I know in person not following though, I thought it was time to post another ad here.

So, we're a band who want to start doing original Funk-Rock music (think Red Hot Chili Peppers, Living Colour, etc). Though any style of singer will be fine!
We were a covers band for about a year and a half prior to our old singer leaving recently, then we decided to start doing originals. So we're up to scratch musically, with gig experience as a band and independently, we all have suitable gear too. (Including a PA system).

What we want pretty much, is to get writing some songs as soon as possible, we have a few ideas, but don't want to finalise anything til we get a singer. We also want to gig as much as possible, we're all really into being on stage and personally it's been way too long since I've been able to get on stage and tear it up without having to worry about the qualms that come with being in a cover band.

We have access to a private (and cheap!) practice studio, as well as our own recording gear (which we can use in said practice studio, or in our bassist's own recording space, it's small but fine for anything that isn't drums really!), so there shouldn't be any cost (aside from chipping in for practice, but that'll probably be maybe £2 per practice, which isn't much!), the only thing we ask is (unless you live in Burton, which I doubt!) that you have transport (if it's a case of, like, you live in Derby and have to catch the X38 Bus to Burton for a lift that should be fine!).

This is a bit of a long thread now, so I'll leave a summary here:

Based in Burton On Trent.
Guitarist/Bassist/Drummer set-up.
Original Funk-Rock style music (like RHCP, Living Colour, RATM, anything with groove!)
Have access to cheap practice studio and our own decent recording gear.
Looking to get gigging and writing ASAP.

If anyone's interested, or knows anyone who's interested, get in touch through this thread or via UG's PMs or something and we'll sort something out.