Hey everyone! We finally found some time to quickly put together another dual guitar cover on YouTube. Check it out and feel free to like it and/or leave some comments. If you have any questions, you can always message us!

It's not perfect and we had some issues with the audio, but it's still a work in progress in terms of finding the right tone and stuff.


Hey guys, really good job, at first I thought you were both a same guy, haha. Otherwise, great playing from both of you, didn't see anything wrong with it. The audio quality is pretty decent and your tone is in the spot. Great work!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_nM1yqfibE
Hey man, good job. I too did a guitar cover of this song and while some parts we play differently it still sounds pretty much spot on. The constant changing of the volume got kind of annoying but playing around with the video editing is all in practice. Other than that I don't really have anything else to say that was negative, good job.

As you asked in my thread, I just put up a new video (reptilia by the strokes). If you'd like (i'm not sure if you did already or not, just throwing it out there if not) if you subscribe to my page I'll sub to yours so we both can critique our new works as they come out.
this is awesome! nothing i can critique you on playing wise, nice job! you should add just a bit of compression on the whole thing though to keep the volume from going up and down
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Thanks everyone for such positive feedback and tips. Definitely taking notes

But to ricardo_sousa11 and awesomo41894: We were going to turn up the volume of the backing track, but unfortunately I know many people who watch YouTube videos sometime criticize users for making the backing track too loud so it sounds like they're not even playing. We just want to make it obvious that we were actually playing the song is all.
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