I know I made a thread about this just before- it's been deleted... and re-incarnated here....

That aside, I'm looking for a beginner, tube amp (preferably a combo) I can play with decent distortion (ACDC, Guns n Roses, Black Sabbath style) at bedroom levels (And quiet by that standard too if such a thing exists!)
My budget however, is about £150 ($250? But they cost more in the UK)

There's 10,000 solid state's that'd do the job- I'm not interested in them, I've got my eye on a solid state if I can't find a tube for the job- but I'd ideally want a tube...

So any suggestions are welcome!

The solid state I'm looking at is a VT20+...
But whenever playing I'd know that I really wanted a pure tube.... not some effects machine...

these sound awsome for classic rock i currently have at ht stage 100 head 212
but i had a go on one of these in a shop and its sounds great for mixed genres and you can always put a pedal through it if you need that extra gain just a thourt.
your best bet is to look used. what and if you can find anything at that price new, will not be that good.
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Lol HT-5.
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I've been looking more and more at the HT-1- The night train I is a bit much. and quite expensive! (In the UK, prices are generally what it would be in dollars in the USA, but in pounds!)
HT-1 Looks great though
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Lol HT-5.


i thought he wanted a tube amp?

back on topic, though, kyle probably has a point.

you can do it with tube if you're willing to rely on pedals, but there aren't really too many tube amps i can think of at £150 which'll do those classic rock tones alone without help from pedals and at low volumes.
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Vox Lil Night Train? I dunno what they cost in the UK, but they are really good for what you want

I would like to add a +1 to that. That's what I jam on in the basement when the baby is sleeping and break out the fender hot rod to jam with a drummer.
Regardless of circuitry, the HT1 is a great little amp for home use. Mine is invaluable. I'm not a massive Blackstar fan, but this amp is perfect for the application.
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