Been learning (attempting) this recently, so this video is a bit of a work in progress really. Only the first half the song. I know its a bit sloppy and what not but just thought i'd put it out there for feedback.


uh well yeah that was awesome. Im not too too familiar with that style, all i know is that it sounds really impressive and its something that i have no idea how to do. id love to hear the whole thing!
I didnt knew the song, but pretty good. Love the style, and from what I can see you pretty much nailed it..sounds really good. Keep'em coming =)
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I really want to cover Andy Mckee stuff but you practically nailed it down!

I cant wait to hear other songs as well as this one completed!

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Pretty sloppy? Sounded spot on to me. Fantastic dude. I consider that kind of guitar playing more impressive than any of the work that I do. Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing a finished product
First thing to say, I'm not familiar with the original song/piece

From what it sounds like to me, great recording quality and good playing too, good timing.

Keep it up :-)
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I love the song (and ablum), and when you said it was a little sloppy, I was kind of expecting something awful haha But then I watched the video, and you ****ing nailed it man. Can't wait until you get the rest of the song nailed down.
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Woah dude that was freaking awesome. I am seriously very impressed by your playing. Subbed. Post more stuff dude!!
That was seriously impressive, my wife made a mess I think!!! Left you a comment on youtube. Have subbed also...keep up the good work!!!
Pretty sweet playing.. where u get the tab for this? pretty hard to get tabs for Andy!
Bloody hell ! That was frigging awesome ! can't wait to hear the whole song !!

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