I just downloaded and installed reaper 64 bit on my windows 7 laptop ( specs intel core I3 , 4 gb ram) And I am using my line 6 ux1 for the interface/soundcard.

my problem is reaper won't play or record.I hit play or record and the cursor doesn't move even though it says it's playing.

so any help would be awesome.
Go to the preferences and then to audio device and make sure you UX1 is set as the input and output.
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it is. I tried downloading asio4all and after i did when i switched the driver to that it would play but i still can't get it to using my ux1
Your ASIO Driver should be set to ASIO UX1. You should have your inputs enabled also (which should be by default). I don't have mine hooked up at the moment but it should be something like 1/2 then 3/4. Your output should be coming through the headphone & line outs of the UX1. That's how mine is setup anyway. If you could just give us a copy of what that preferences screen looks like so we can go from there.

Oh, and this may be a no brainer, but make sure your track is armed for recording as well.
the initial i/o in reaper threw me too. once you get it up it's a great ride though!
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