i had 9-42 size strings on my guitar and put on 11-50 do i half to do any trust rod adjustments, or saddle adjustments?
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Probably. Some guitars may need it more than others. If it needs adjusting, do it.
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Quote by Axelfox
I usually need to adjust the bridge height and intonation a little.
Thats a big jump,your gonna want to at least check the intonation.
What the hell!!!
I went from 9-42 to 10-46 to 10-52 and when I switched to 10-52 the action got worse, so I took some time to learn how to adjust the truss rod and now that I know how, it's a breeze. Always check the intonation after a string change, only takes a minute.
Yes, you will definitely need to adjust the truss rod and intonation. And also check out the trem, since I see your guitar has one. It will take a bit of time, but don't leave your guitar as it is now or it'll be unplayable.
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Saddles for intonation? Definitely.

Truss rod for action? ...Maybe. That really depends on your neck. You'll find out if you need to or not when you put them on. But you probably will. If I tune two of my eight strings down and lose about 8 pounds of tension, the neck straightens more and the rest of my strings overnight jump up about 10 cents sharp...
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