Older song I finally got around to demoing. I was going to use it with my old band, but we split up before it got finalized. Check it out, the link's below:

Legacy Demo

Some info: The main riff jumps between 4/4 and 2/4 at times, and the first two choruses are in 7/8. The melody bit in the middle gets reprised in another song, I'll be recording that one next week some time.
I really like it, it's got a nice heavy feel to it, and the riff is original without being too far out. I enjoyed the middle melody bit, and the percussion was very well done, skillful and solid.
The intro sounds so similar to the intro to All Bodies. I liked the melody in the middle quite a bit. Overall, the flow was really effective.

My only complaint is that the rhythm tone was a little heavy on the distortion. It reminded me a lot of The Silent Circus' production, which I didn't really like much.

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