Well I liked it! it's got a white stripes vibe to it (one of my favourite bands) decently recorded, good guitar and drum work. The lyrics weren't anything exciting but they do the job as does the actual singing of them. Overall nice work!

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well first question, is this recorded live? i like the raw feel of it and it gives me the feeling its live whether it is or not. the lyrics are pretty standard it seems, nothing to complain about there, cliche but hey it works and it fits. i really like the solo, nothing to crazy but compliments the song well and i also really like how you kind of introduce it with the vocals. thats a subtle thing i always appreciate because i feel like it adds a lot of power to it. its like you the maker knows its coming and youre getting excited for it and the listener doesnt quite know whats going on yet but then BAM it hits you. so yeah, definitely a cool song, a little bit on the short side for what it is maybe but thats not really a big deal.

thanks again for checking out my songs, your review was highly appreciated and i put up a response to it in my thread too if you havent seen it

and on a random ps. note, i dont actually listen to bob dylan (ive heard stuff here and there) but for some reason i thought of him (or whatever it is im thinking of when i think of him since i dont really even know what he entails) when i heard your vocals. again im not really sure i have any idea what im talking about here so if it doesnt apply at all just disregard it, but the thought did pop into my head
Gotta repeat the last guys question about being recorded live - it definitely sounds like it was.

I don't normally comment on mixing because the speakers on my laptop are pretty poor, but with this one I thought I'd just note that on my laptop, you couldn't hear the bass at all throughout the whole song. I only know it's there because I listened through it a second time with headphones on to see if it just got lost in the mix, which is obviously what happened.

The song itself was good though, I definitely liked it. A nicely written simple tune, and you haven't tried dragging it out longer than necessary (something I know I'm guilty of from time to time with my songs), although you could probably have done slightly more with the chorus at the end to make it break the 2 minute mark.

Thanks for the comment on my thread
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Your vocals remind me of Bob Dylan a little. I don't know if you did that on purpose, but I would work on the vocals a bit. I love, love, LOVE the guitar - the tone and the solo. It all has a very MC5, Mooney Suzuki feel to it, and that's a great thing if you ask me. Keep at it!
Thanks for the response to my question! I'm checking out yours right now! Right off the bat - loving the raw feeling! Sounds like the White Stripes and actually reminds me a bit of my first band . That aside, definitely I can sense some influence from the White Stripes! I like your voice, the mixing is nice considering this sounds like a live performance. Listening to the guitar solo right now, nice work!! All in all, great work, I'd love to see you guys performing live and hear a studio version! Great song, great band, no doubt!
really cool stuff, glad to hear some people on here who play similar music to me. the guitar and drums sound good, and i like the vocals. the backup vocals i'm not so sure about, whoever is doing them sounds quite young and doesn't sound as good as the lead.
anyway i thought it was a great short little song, and it sounded surprisingly good for just drums and guitar. Even when you went to a lead with no backing, it didn't sound like the song was falling apart like if often does when a 2 piece goes to solo. actually now that i listen to it i think there might be some bass in there. i'm just listening on my laptop speakers.

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Yeah, I just tried listening to it through laptop speakers and the bass is barely audible But it's there, if heard on decent speakers.

Also, since the "live" thing keeps getting mentioned, I should probably make a note of how we record. First off, this is the first song we had recorded in a long time, and we had only done about 3 other songs prior to it with the full band. (Before that there was just two of us). So naturally we had to change our process to accomodate for all the band being there. We record all the instruments together (two guitars, bass, drums) at once with two mics (one condenser mic is all we have really. There's a dynamic mic in there that we normally use for practicing through our sad excuse for a PA system, but we stick it into the interface anyway just for another mic. It doesn't pick much up, so we tend to use it to focus on one thing that isn't really being picked up enough through the condenser mic.) Anyway, we take all of those together, which gives it that very cohesive sound that couldn't be gotten if we recorded individually. Then we do any overdubs if necessary, but that is very rare. Then we take the vocals over it, which is why they sound slightly removed from the band. The lead guy does his thing, then whoever's doing backup does theirs. Then some basic mixing and whatnot and we're done
Sweet! ;D This is some really cool old school rock! ;D
I really like that it was so raw, if you know what I mean, it just felt rock n´roll

The solo fitted really great to the ong and it was great playing! I also liked that int didn´t have a guitar rytmh under, it was just bass and drums, this adds to the rawness of the song

I also liked the vocallines, and that you use backingvocals are gold!

The only thing I thought if was that it was kind of repetetive, but in this kind off song that doesn´t matter so much but it would have been cool with just a little break with another riff somewhere to get it a little more variated, but anyway, it´s great as it is, but maybe another riff could improve it even more

Good job! ;D

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Dylan esque vox...groovy. The girl singing for backups is a nice touch too.
Solid tune overall actually, level wise needs some touches and maybe some bass but the imperfections make it unique.