I thought I had seen/read something about a bass (made by Squier or Fender IIRC) that was a jazz bass body, p bass neck, jazz bridge pickup and p bass bridge pickup.

Also, do any orange fender or squier Jazz basses exist? (orange from the factory)
The Blacktop series Jazz has the dual P-bass, but still has the Jazz neck.

I think the closest color Fender has to orange is "Fiesta Red".
The Aerodyne is probably what you're thinking of, MIJ's. Though I believe (at least on most of the models) that both the neck and body are Jazz.

EDIT: Actually, there's the Jazz special too, which is also MIJ iirc. P-bass body and jazz bass neck, which is the other way around... has the P neck and J bridge pup config.
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You might be thinking of the 1980s Jazz Special. It wasn't quite what you described, though. It was a Precision bass body with a Jazz bass neck and a P/J pickup arrangement. It still exists as the Duff McKagan Signature Model.

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Japanese mustangs come in white or fiesta red. The fiesta red is noted in a million places as being different than most example and looks very orange and actually peaks through the pickguard making the pearl look rosy.

Other than that, Fender offers a wide range of colors but those outside the standards are either extra finish options on top of the line basses or custom orders (orange and yellow etc. included).

The P neck think is a possibility, but most people prefer a J neck so mostly you'll find P body or pickup, with J neck either factory or after. I think anything J with a P neck is either a misinterpreted P deluxe or something slapped together at the home or store, fender parts are by and large interchangeable with a few minor inconsistencies (tele and strat neck heels).
Fender doesn't currently do a real solid orange, not as a standard color choice anyways. In the 80's Fender had a series of colors called the International Colors which included a color called Capri Orange. It doesn't get much orangier then that.
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My bets are the Aerodyne, though I can't remember whether it had a P neck or not...
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