just got a new camera, and am testing it out. I know the vid quality is a bit not good, but thats because I accidentally left the digital xoom up and I was like 2 feet away from the camera.

This is my take on the Sadistic Desire solo from X Japan, by the guitarists Hide and Pata. More than a few mistakes, with the begining and end harmonics parts. And some sloppiness in some parts. but this vid is basically just a youtube vid quality test. Cant really afford a mic + usb preamp thing at the moment

Id like to hear some advice on my technique, tone, or setup position since I have no idea how my amp being down there, and me being in front of it affects the vid sound.


note: if you like old school thrash metal, start listening to X Japan and youll get hooked. If you like any music really, they make ballads, metal ballads, classical(voiceless screaming is godly), instrumentals, and frikin Art of Life \m/.

*also, judging from the sound here, do you think Id benefit from putting the EMGs from my hellraiser in this guitar? I hate the hellraiser and love this guitar, so would it sound any better with the EMGs? This RG has the stock INF3/4 pups in it.
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First of all just to say that I'm not familiar with the song/solo

Overall good playing, but try and work on your timing a bit, practising using a metronome etc.
Also try and use your pinky finger on your fretting hand too. It might be hard as first, but it's worth it in the long term.

In regards to tone, I find that I can get a pretty decent sound out of plugging my guitar straight into my USB interface, and then running Amplitube 3.
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