I've been playing guitar for 3 years. Im now starting a band, we play on playing songs like van halen, ozzy, def leppard and just about any popular band from the 80's. I need a suggestion on a setlist and suggestions about learning solos from some of these bands. Were looking to have atleast 20 songs on a set list. Does anyone have any suggestions. Also we dont have a keyboard player.

Songs that I already know:

Van Halen: Aint talkin bout love, Panama
Bon Jovi: You Give Love a Badname, Wanted Dead or Alive
Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Ozzy: Mama Im coming home. Crazy Train, Iron Man
Def Leppard: Photograph, too late for love, armageddon it, hysteria
About any of the popular AC/DC songs I can play