So i have midi drums that i exported from Guitar Pro 5.0 loaded into FL Studio 10. Im running the program "NI Studio Drummer" as a plugin. When i replace the midi sounding drums with "NI Studio Drummer" drums (via the Kontact 5 player), the individual drum hits (snare, high tom, kick, crash, etc) show up red. It shows that it should be making sounds but it wont work. when i replace each invidual hit with a green marker (instead of red), you can hear that individual drum hit. What im wondering is, how can i change all the notes in the piano roll menu from red to green at once so that my drum track can play normally with the "Studio Drummer" drums. The link below is a photo of my current situation via my Facebook page.

I'm guessing it's on a different MIDI channel. Just google how to change MIDI channels on the FL Studio piano roll.
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Not sure this is any help, but have you tried ctrl+A (cmd+A on Mac) to select all and then turning them green? I'm afraid I've never used FL so I'm not really following when you say you're making the marker green etc.
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Ive had FL since FL 7 and have never had this problem. If I understand correctly your saying on your piano roll the notes are red instead of green? The only time I have seen red piano roll notes is when the midi is highlighted. I'll play with FL today and see what's up.
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I couldn't replicate the problem, but try to import the MIDI. highlight it all (CTRL+A). Then paste it in the same spot CTRL+V see if its green then.
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Alright I am going to double post....matrixclaw and axeman can suck it if they got a problem

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