I know there have been so many posts about this asking the same thing but whatever :P Im getting a amp ( new, not used ) and i have around $600-700 to spend. Im in canada so keep in mind prices are a bit more here if you are from the US.

I will be using this for home practice and playing with my band. The music i play ranged from classic rock stuff to metal. I mostly play metal like avenged sevenfold, system of a down, metallica etc.

I want a combo amp with really good, heavy distortion and nice cleans. The amps i was looking at were the Peavey 6505 112, Bugera 333 212, Bugera 6262 212, Blackstar Ht-40. But i am not sure anymore so i am looking for suggestions thanks

oh and why do so many people hate bugera ?

Thanks for the help
those are all great choices if i had those option id probably pick the 6505 or the 6262(whch i think is a clone of the peavey) anyway people dont like bugera becasue they had quality control problems in the past they have so far fixed those problems and the hate for them continued but onwthey are great amps at the price
Bugeras have had there share of issues for being cheap as shit amps that will break easier

blackstars have more hate for claiming they are all tube but using solid state clipping in the preamp on there ht series...
if you are going new then the Bugera 6262 would probably be the best choice out of those options IMO. But you could probably find a used 5150/5150II/6505/6505+ 212 for around that. I wouldn't buy a Bugera used yet a few of those amps with issues are probably floating around.
Other amps to look for,
Peavey Windsor
Peavey Valveking
Peavey XXX
Bugera 1990
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I'd go with the Blackstar out of those choices. It has a great sound imo despite being hybrid in certain areas.
Find a nice used Peavey Ultra/XXX/JSX.
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