I've wanted a nice Les Paul that I could use in my thrash band, or in other settings, like when I'm jamming blues/rock with my friends and fam. Well along came this guy, the Agile AL-3100. I actually got this on Xmas, but I wanted to play it for a while through my Valveking before I gave it a review. I was sceptical at first of buying a guitar on-line that I've never tried before, but this thing is really well built. The materials used for this guitar are also quite impressive, especially for the price.

He's my review. I'm not going to review this guitar according to its price, because it would probably be 9-10 on everything because it's so solid. I'm grading this according to how I'd rank it against all the other guitars I've played in my 12 years of experience.

Features: Made in South Korea. This guitar has 22 jumbo fret mahogany neck on an ebony fretboard. The body is solid mahogany with a real Canadian maple top. It has grover tuners, a graphite nut, graphite 'string slots' on the tune-o-matic bridge (which I thought was super cool), alnico V pick-ups in both positions, three-way selector switch, mother-of-pearl inlays, and American-made electronics. It has basically everything I want in an electric guitar. However, the guitar doesn't really have the jumbo frets that the company advertises and this could be a big disappoint to some buyers. It's a little heavier than I would have liked too and I could take or leave the triple binding too (11-12lbs). /7

Sound: This guitar is versatile. I'm not a tone expert but I think the maple top really gives the guitar a brightness that I love for thrash music. My Ibby42FM is way darker sounding and I think that's from the maple top just being a veneer. The 3100 does pinch harmonics really well, and it cleans up nicely too. The neck pickup is really smooth, while not being muddy, and the bridge is bright and edgy. It's a classic combination that I love to play with, and this guitar does it well. Playing this guitar I realize how much clearer this guitar is than my Ibby. I was using an EQ to cut through the mix with the Ibby but with this guitar I really just need a bit of a volume boost for the solos. I don't have to crank the mids as much.

Playing this guitar on a clean setting, I compared it with my Telecaster, and it's not as bright as the Tele on the bridge, and not as smooth on the neck, but it's fuller sounding throughout, something I personally prefer. I will probably put a 59/JB in it at some point to get that crunchiness I love, but I'm in no hurry to do so. This guitar really does sound great at any price point.

It also sustains really well, as good as my Tele and better than my Ibby, which is really shocking for a guitar I ordered on-line. The graphite materials used on this guitar really do pay dividends. So overall, this guitar is great. It sounds almost as good as any guitar I've played in my 12 years of playing. It doesn't make me orgasm like some Strat blues tones, or Gibson/ESP/Ibanez rock and metal tones, but it's definitely giving me a chubby. /8

Action, Fit & Finish: They put the action really low on this guitar, almost too low, but I'm lazy and I'll probably just get used to it. I had to raise the neck pick-up a little bit because the bridge was a little louder, but nothing too major. The neck is great! This is really amazing considering I never played the thing before I got it, and for me, necks can be deal breaker. I have to like how the guitar feels in my hands. It's actually quite similar to the Tele neck I have, which is the best neck I've played IMO, though the Agile is not quite as good. The thinner neck is one of the main reasons I bought this copy instead of saving for a more expensive LP. I have never liked the feel of Gibson LPs, Vs, or SGs. They all seem too bulky to me. I've heard people compare this neck to that of an ESP, but I think it's a bit thicker, at least mine is thicker than the Epi LP I have at my jam space.

It has a nice finish on the neck, and it looks solid when you look at the guitar from the back. Also there were no overhanging or sharp frets, and they all seem to be level. The intonation was near perfect, and the truss rod was set properly to give the guitar a nice bow. I can't complain with anything here, sans the 'jumbo' frets. /9

Reliability & Durability: This this is a solid guitar. I'm sure it could take the same beating any other well built guitar could. I haven't had it for too long though so I won't grade it here.

Impression: This is a great guitar and it really does compete with its more expensive counterparts. For $500 I got this guitar shipped with a hardshell case, and it's hands down a better guitar than the Epiphone Les Paul I play with all the time, and it costs about the same or less. There's nothing really wrong with the Epiphone, but the materials used for this guitar are superior and it shows in every way. It has fine craftsmanship, no blemishes, and it delivered on everything I hoped to have in this guitar and more. I'll definitely be using this guitar live and in recording in the near future. It may not be as impressive as an American LP in terms of sound and quality, but it's not far off by any means. /8

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COngrat dude i bought a Agile al-3200 slim 1 month ago .. LOVE IT ..

The great thing about 3100-3200 .. its not a great guitar For the money .. its a great guitar period . it response play well and sound great .

Having played american deluxe strat and other high end guitars i know when i have a entry levels vs pro level guitar in my hand . You have the feel that its a great instrument .. at least my 3200 is . Wonderful .. the pickup are more traditonal sound .( bridge read about 8.9 k ) maybe great for rock and stuff but i play heavy metal , punk rock .. im used to ceramic humbucker in the 16.6k range so ill switch to a duncan humbucker sh-6 nickel . its going in tomorrow .

overall great guitar .. 600 $ my 3200 .. i just love it
Agile make great guitar .. when you get in the 3000+ range , you have a great guitar for cheap . cutting all sponsors , flagship name and middle-man ( store who take their cut ) .. you end up with a lot for your money .

btw i know what you feel about the neck .. epiphone neck (even the slim taper) are very big and not quite confortable for my small hands .. did you take a regular agile 3100 or a slim . the "regular" agile neck 21.5 mm i believe is like a 60's gibson slim taper neck .. the "slim" is like a Ibanez .. agile slim is the most confy neck ive ever played . thinner than my stratocaster ..its thin as a ibanez .. nothing you could find on epiphone or gibson . its just preference . but thats 50's rounded neck gibson put in their studio model is just HUGE .

and Ebony is so smooth and beautiful .. its very dark .. giving the guitar something more .

**I always stay in the 600-700-800 when i buy a guitar . IMO you can get very great imported guitar with top notch material and a good fabrication for that price without paying for a "brand name" or a "prestige" . or you can store some good fender u.s and good guitar on local ads too . i never paid more than 700-800 $ for guitars cause thats the price where i found exactly what i want in term of quality /sound / feel . IN example , the LTD ( ESP ) 1000 deluxe series .. great guitars for around 700-800 . and at the same time .. im not afraid of bringing my guitars with me like i would with a 3000 $ les paul .

good score man .. cant wait for Rondo to have a new batch of agile 3200 slim .. if they have great color , i might just buy another
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