Vocals, Guitar & Bass by yours truly in my bedroom lol
And i created the drum loop using battery

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Influences: Saosin, Underoath, Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Deftones

NOTE: still incomplete, having a bit of writers block :/ gah

I've only been playing guitar for 3 months so yeah let me know what you think

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I would have never guessed you've only played guitar for 3 months: all the guitar sounds very good (playing, tone,melodies)! I think you should add a few vocals around 2:00. The vocals are quite good (singing, melodies, audio). Song ends too soon & too abruptly, but otherwise quite good overall! Please review my music at this link:

Hey man! Thanks for critting my song.

The mix in this song is REALLY good, everything sounds clear. The vocals melodies fit the song perfectly imho, and the whole mood of the song is set from the beginning of the song. i also agree with aaron cant believe youve been playing for only 3 months because youre composition skills are very good (im guessing youve played another instrument for longer, if not i guess you're just talented!)
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Thanks for the feedback guys

Aaron im currently about to make dinner for my girlfriend so ill c4c sometime later tonight

Thanks mike, yeah i have been playing piano for about 9 years
you have a cool song idea going here. I can sorta hear in my head this big chorus your leading into. I like your singing and how you mixed it to fit the song. Overall, I think you have something here, just need to expand on it. Not bad for only plaing guitar for a couple months.
Thanks for the crit!
On to yours...
I like the whole of it to be honest. Like the guy above, I can definitely hear in my mind a big chorus youre leading up toafter what you've got here. One idea is as son as the build up you have there, just hit everything and everyone in the face with loud, big sounding guitar chords and guitar/bass harmonized lead fills in between some of the chord changes. A more up tempo, sudden forte chorus then a fade into the quieter, slower verse lines you have there seem like they'd sound awesome with what you've already got
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the song is certainly evident of your karnivool and dead letter circus influences, and definitely very entertaining to listen to for me, a fellow fan of those bands
the guitars were fairly simple, but very decent for someone whose only been playing for 3 months.
your production skill is VERY advanced, everything sounds nice and clean and your vocals are exceptional in their quality.

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